Sustainable Building

Everybody's talking about sustainability. But what are the ideas behind the process and how do we turn the theoretical concept into reality?

The sustainability approach is based on creating a balance between the utilisation and the regeneration of resources. Global warming, the increasing scarcity of resources and demographic change are important core topics for the politics, economics and society of the 21st century. If indeed these topics weren't taken seriously for a long time, in many areas we are now at a point where we recognise the impact of humans upon our ecosystem and are ready to minimise it. This includes energy production which conserves natural resources, the efficient use of energy in households and in the commercial sphere, the minimisation of waste products and the reduction of emissions.

For the construction industry, this entails constructing buildings in such a way that they are ecologically-friendly and economical but also able to meet the requirements of society in the future. Sustainable building therefore encompasses building methods which preserve the environment, reduce waste, emissions and environmental pollution, which are efficient in their use of energy with increasing economic efficiency and capital preservation whilst guaranteeing functionality and security within an integrated approach. And this is throughout the entire planning, construction and life cycle of each building.

A vision for the future of sustainable building

Views have been changing in politics, science and economics for several years now. The development of sustainable goals is in full swing. Design concepts aimed at zero energy, zero waste and zero emissions are being implemented in practice in pilot projects and combined with one another.

For some time now, the increased capital value, functionality and aesthetic design of buildings has no longer been at odds with reduced energy consumption and the use of highly recyclable materials.

In the future, too, it will be all about combining high-tech, ecological credentials for sustainable building and being guided by constantly changing lifestyles. The bar will continue to rise for the requirements of buildings with regard to building quality, comfort, energy consumption and environmental protection. Buildings are evolving into high-tech systems which adapt intelligently and flexibly to the needs of their inhabitants and can be controlled accordingly. At the moment this is still a long way off, as this vision and others are still in their infancy. Innovative solutions coming out of research and development are in greater demand than ever before in this respect. We are amongst the front runners!

Sustainable building using the right products

The tightness of the building envelope's seals and efficient thermal insulation make a significant contribution to the building's sustainability. They form the basis for fulfilling the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and allow a high level of energy efficiency to be achieved along with low heating costs.

The challenges of sustainability can be fulfilled with innovative products which are not damaging to health or the environment. Quick and clean product installation retains the economic efficiency of building works, while particularly durable products resist putrefaction and extend the life cycle of the building.

tremco illbruck is a pioneer of sustainable building

tremco illbruck is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable building, healthy living conditions and avoiding structural damage through the use of high-quality products. We offer a broad range of products including solvent and silicone-free sealing tape, membranes, adhesives and sealants. Our products have been tested and certified by the Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials e.V. (GEV) according to the EMICODE EC1 and EC1PLUS classifications for their low emission output.

As a driving force for sustainability we are taking action at product level and we also take responsibility for the environment and humankind in every phase of product development.

JF100 - 100% isocyanate-free insulation

With JF100, we are setting new standards for insulation technology and sustainability! This innovative, water-based product is 100% free from isocyanates, is EC1PLUS certified and is suitable for unrestricted use in building interiors. Safe, quick and low-risk for the health and the environment. Spray. Tool. Done.

Sustainability within the company, too

To us, sustainability isn't only important for our products. Within our company, we also represent and live by a sustainability concept as part of our corporate responsibility. Reduced and sparing use of resources, waste prevention and recycling are important topics for tremco illbruck, but safety in the workplace and voluntary work are equally important. Read more about our corporate responsibility.