What is waterproofing?

Water is an element with raw power. Although we need it to survive, water can also be destructive when left unchecked. Extensive structural damage can be caused by excessive exposure to water and dampness.

When a building is fully waterproofed, this offers secure protection. The barriers provided by waterproofing prevent damage to the structure of the building. There are various materials and waterproofing systems available on the market to prevent water from penetrating walls, roofing and flooring. Materials and systems used should always be adapted to the specific construction site.

Expert waterproofing helps to maintain the longevity of the structure of new builds and buildings in need of renovation.

Why waterproof a building?

Using low-quality products or even failing to waterproof a building at all can lead to significant defects arising within the building. The consequences are damp penetration, mould formation, heat loss, structural damage and energy loss.

The use of waterproofing products, impregnations and damp-proof courses can protect buildings from the effects of water in the long term. Excessive moisture load is also prevented through the use of waterproofing. Successful waterproofing will provide an intact building structure, a positive energy footprint and also a comfortable place to live – thereby making a crucial contribution to retaining the value of a building.

While flooring needs protection against rising damp caused by factors such as water stagnation pressure and capillary action, façades and roofs should be particularly protected from heavy rain and water spray from the outside and water vapour from the inside. A wide variety of materials are used in this process. Waterproofing can be achieved using films, bituminous mass, boards, joint tapes, resins, liquid membranes and coating agents.

Waterproofing with tremco illbruck

We know what our customers require, thanks to our many years of expertise in manufacturing concrete protection and maintenance products and waterproofing materials both for preventative use and for renovation works. tremco illbruck stands for innovative technologies, solution-oriented products and professional expert advice in this field.

We are leading providers of reliable waterproofing solutions designed to prevent stresses caused by water and dampness to buildings and usable surfaces. In particular, our systems provide a specialist solution for heavily loaded substrates, extreme weather conditions and stresses.

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