Sealing solutions for interior work

Quality of home life and comfortable living – care must be taken during interior work activities to ensure that you stay cosy in your home for years to come. This also lays a cornerstone for the building's energy efficiency.

But, take note: only tested materials guarantee lasting quality. Our sealants are a reliable companion for interior work – in a wide range of different areas. Our sealing solutions in interior work include:

  • Solutions for sanitary applications – hygienic, fungicidal and durable
  • Solutions for floor joints – aesthetic thanks to a huge colour range
  • Solutions for Drywalling / panelling – durable thanks to an extremely reliable total deformation
  • Solutions for special applications – from fire protection through to swimming pools

Our wide range of sealants provide reliable, low-emission and tested quality under one roof. They create a healthy living environment and great aesthetics for your airtight building.

What is interior work?

Interior work includes all construction activities that occur inside the building, once the shell construction and building services are in place. For example, interior work activities include drywall construction, screeding and tiling, heating and sanitary work, internal plastering and wall covering as well as electrical installations.

At tremco illbruck, we focus on sealing and provide a wide range of specialised solutions for sealants in interior work. Because, we know that a high quality of home life and comfortable living are often down to the little details.

But, naturally, it is not just about the visual features: low energy consumption during operation and a healthy room climate are clear expectations for buildings. That’s why we are focussed on ensuring that our sealants are forerunners in energy efficiency and material quality.

Energy efficiency

High energy consumption is expensive and pollutes the environment. It is no wonder that energy efficiency is now one of the key criteria in construction. A relevant component of this is the airtight building shell, particularly for low-energy and passive houses.

Critical component: the jointing. Imperfect joints or low-quality materials mean that no air exchange can take place – a no-go for the concept of an airtight building shell! Unwanted ventilation can occur through cracks, gaps and other leaks.

Proper jointing with high-quality sealing compounds is therefore a necessity. The illbruck brand offers a wide range of specialised sealants for jointing in interior work activities.

Comfortable room climate without toxins

We spend about 90% of our time in closed rooms. As a result, besides energy efficiency, health in the home is an extremely important issue.

Health in the home is focussed on two aspects: comfort and protection against pollutants. Whether we feel comfortable in a room does not just depend on factors such as furnishings and personal mood. Comfort can already be optimised in the planning phase. Good sound insulation, humidity-regulating building materials and adequate insulation ensure a comfortable atmosphere.

Just as important is the protection against pollutants and toxins. The use of contaminated building materials is never advisable! Ultimately, nothing less than the health and well-being of all home-owners is on the line – and all those involved in the construction.

Tested materials for health in the home

Regardless of whether this is for a cosy home or an efficient industrial building: the right indoor climate must be ensured and the air quality must be outstanding anywhere that you spend a lot of time. And that starts by using compatible materials in interior work.

This particularly also applies for any sealant: they should be low-emission, and this claim must be more than just an advertising promise. Make sure that statements made on emission values by your building materials are independently tested. High-quality building materials also name all their compounds on the packaging. Sealants of quality and certifications provide additional certainty.

At tremco illbruck, we know that our sealing solutions will have to work in your building for many years and that you are also trusting us with your health when you use our products. That's why we use clean compounds and low-emission adhesives. The majority of our products are certified (CE, GEV-EMICODE). By choosing our products, you are consciously choosing healthy building materials and a good indoor climate.

Flexible materials for flexible applications

Joint sealing places high demands on the material. Our sealants have an extremely reliable total deformation in order to compensate movements and can also absorb constant mechanical stresses. They are also easy to clean and do not attack adjacent materials.

Since 1952, the name illbruck has stood for high-quality sealing solutions for joints in interior work, for floors, drywall construction, sanitary areas and special applications. Our technical know-how, extensive experience in joining and sealing and a range of high-quality products ensures that you will find precisely the right sealing solution for your interior work project.