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Flooring installation systems

tremco illbruck provides systems for constructing the underlayment of flooring: with our comprehensive product range of damp-proof membranes, underlays, smoothing compounds and adhesives, we will ensure that your property has a solid base.

Flooring provides a permanent covering for the ground. When choosing the right type of flooring materials, various factors must be taken into account: price, usage, noise insulation, hygiene requirements and more. The flooring is selected based on the intended use of the room and the structural requirements.

Flooring is subjected to frequent wear and tear, meaning that a durable, low-maintenance and robust solution is needed.

Flooring installation systems: a multi-layered affair

The flooring installation system provides the base for the visible floor covering. It prepares the surface for the upper floor covering and ensures an even, crack-free finish. The flooring installation system acts as a barrier against damp and moisture in both directions, and offers equal protection to the subsurface and the floor covering.

Systems for the underlayment of flooring are a multi-layered affair, and selecting the right products for the job requires a degree of experience. Our experts at TREMCO have the right product solutions for you, and they will support you in the planning process!

The benefits of durable flooring installation systems

tremco illbruck's durable flooring installation systems have a multitude of benefits. Both owners and clients will see the benefits of well thought-out flooring installation concepts. Our flooring installation systems ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum whilst renovations are in progress: our products, some of which permit use of the floor within a short space of time, ensure that the works are conducted in an optimal, cost-effective way. High-quality materials and products which are tailored to work together increase the durability of the new or refurbished floor and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Flooring installation systems with tremco illbruck

We will support you in the installation of your flooring: tremco illbruck's excellent consulting service will provide you with the very best support, whether you need help with planning or at the building site. We will provide a full analysis and diagnosis of the current situation, individual and tailored long-term solutions and professional support during the project implementation phase.

tremco illbruck is well placed to offer this unrivalled service due to the company's many years of experience within the flooring industry. Our practical experience is just as much part of our portfolio as the development of products which meet the latest standards.

We are the leading supplier of flooring solutions for private, commercial and industrial use.

Always the right choice

The choice of construction products depends on a number of factors: the flooring which will be laid and the intended use of the room must be taken into account. Heat-resistant, water-resistant or waterproof – which is the right solution for your construction project? We will support you in selecting the right products!

tremco illbruck matches high-quality products with expert technical support and ensures that the end result is safe, resilient and durable. 90 years of experience combine with innovative visions for the future: tremco illbruck will help you to achieve the best possible results.

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