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Airtight structures

With tremco illbruck for integrated airtight building envelope

Important building engineering functions such as thermal insulation, moisture transport, sound insulation and weather protection can only be optimally fulfilled with a completely and durably airtight building envelope which has been properly customised to building engineering requirements. This complex task requires precise sealing solutions for the roof, façade, external and internal walls, and in particular for specific seals for connecting components of the building which are customised to work together. illbruck's airtight concept brings together more than 60 years of experience in providing integral sealing solutions which are suitable both for new builds and for renovations. The EU's current energy legislation is giving the concept of the airtight building envelope a fresh impetus.

What is air-tight construction?

"Air-tight construction" means a structure for which the entire building envelope is airtight. Using special systems, problem areas such as the roof, walls and façades and even windows and joints are sealed airtight.

Why air-tight construction?

Not just for passive houses: a house's building envelope should be as airtight as possible. Airtightness creates many advantages for the quality of the building and quality of life. As specified by the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive), the EU requires resource- and environmentally friendly building and airtight construction as prerequisites for an energy-efficient building envelope. With Germany and France as pioneers, the policy is already being implemented by many member states and being converted into national law. The goal of the Energy Saving Regulations is the long-term and sustainable increase of energy efficiency and air-tightness of buildings.

Advantages of air-tightness

  • Avoid structural damage due to moisture penetration into building components
  • Improve the quality of living by reducing drafts
  • Increase sound insulation
  • Save energy by avoiding uncontrolled ventilation heat losses

tremco illbruck as your competent partner

Airtight construction can be implemented for all types of buildings. Not only passive houses and new buildings can benefit from air-tightness. A comprehensive, airtight building envelope can be created as a renovation concept. To do so, we rely on the illbruck's 60 years of extensive knowledge and practical experience gained from numerous projects. Our various systems and products for air-tight construction are not only comprehensive but are installed as permanent solutions. Only then can the whole building envelope be protecte in the long term and ensure air-tightness.

Airtight roofs

The roof area faces special challenges every day: it has to defy all weather conditions and deflect both wind and rain. The interior and exterior roof sealing must guarantee the roof's long-term wind- and air-tightness.

Airtight façades and walls

Whether an exterior façade or interior wall: the solid seal protecting the entire insulation layer is a fundamental prerequisite for air tightness. The façade must be protected against wind, rain and UV exposure, while the interior has special requirements for the the air-tightness between the components, windows and joints. Preventing energy loss and the structural damage caused by water vapour and condensation are the primary goals.

Perfect collaboration: airtight product solutions

Whether it's a vapour barrier, underlays, façade membranes, tapes, mebranes adhesive, butyl and bitumen primers, multifunctional tapes or window membranes - our airtight product solutions are coordinated to work together across multiple areas and complement each other.

tremco illbruck offers expert solutions for standard-compliant, secure and sustainable seals for the entire building envelope from a single source.

We're at your side with our product systems as well as in word and deed. Take advantage of our expertise and our numerous services such as training, installation aids and site inspections.

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