Sprayable sealants: the right material is decisive


Numerous planners and installers rely on sprayable sealants: simple processing and cost-effective utilisation make sealants attractive. The product range is wide and covers all eventualities in terms of sealing and grouting.

But it's not always possible to retain an overview in the jungle of products available. Sprayable sealants are made from acrylates, polyurethanes, MS polymers, hybrids or silicones... Each type of sealant brings its own strengths and weaknesses. This means that if the wrong product is selected when choosing a sealant, it can lead to defects in the seal.

Strengths of the various sealants

Retain an overview of the strengths and areas of application of various types of sealants:


  • Ideal for interior use  
  • Good adhesion to mineral and metallic sub-surfaces        
  • Good price-performance ratio 


  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Ideal for construction joints   
  • Highly flexible

MS polymers & hybrid polymers:    

  • Ideal for outdoor use       
  • Can still be handled in low temperatures and humidity     
  • High degree of elasticity and adhesion


  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor use   
  • High degree of UV and temperature resistance   
  • No residual tack after curing

The future is hybrid

Compared with all the various types, sealants based on hybrid technology are well ahead. They have comparatively few negative characteristics. They are currently in the upper tranche with regard to price-performance ratio and their quality and versatility of use are impressive.

Dr. Michael Futscher, Director R&D in Traunreut, is working on the sealants of the future right now: “In addition to new technical requirements for sealing buildings and the cost-effectiveness of sealants, more and more environmental aspects will play a role in sustainable construction. Here, illbruck is already amongst the forerunners of market participants and will continue to meet the requirements of the market and customer demands in the future too, particularly with regard to the expansion of hybrid technologies.”

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