Polymers in the construction industry. Just like a cake batter...


...polymers are the special ingredient for construction products. Polymers, derived from the Greek πολύ poly, 'many' and μέρος méros 'parts', are chemical macromolecules. In their synthetic form, they are the basis for plastics. These highly versatile polymers already find uses in numerous aspects of daily life.

In the construction industry, they are used to render products for various applications even more reliable, e.g. more durable or with greater adhesive or sealing capabilities. However, polymers are not only used to improve materials, but also to prevent structural damage.

Our suppliers are experts in developing and manufacturing high-quality polymers. The polymers they supply us with are processed and combined with the other substances at our competence centres.

Special product requirements can be fulfilled by adding polymers: customised products can be manufactured thanks to the various physical and chemical characteristics synthetic polymers possess.

tremco illbruck is a leading manufacturer of construction products with polymer additives. In a similar way to a baker who weighs out and mixes the ingredients for the perfect cake batter, at tremco illbruck we always develop the right recipe for every product. Here, the polymers are those special ingredients which are used to adapt each individual batter: cinnamon for flavour, saffron for colour or avocado instead of egg for a vegan option.

And the recipe is crucial: because of the way in which the ingredients interact with one and another has a significant impact on the quality of the finished product. That's true both for a baker or for a manufacturer of construction products.

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