Hybrids! Modern hybrid technologies for sealing and bonding


Hybrid technologies have been a firm part of the tremco illbruck range for more than 10 years already. With a wide product range which is tailored to the requirements of our customers, we offer solutions for numerous sealing and bonding tasks with our high-performance hybrids.

This means that we as a manufacturer can respond to the needs of our customers in the market in a targeted manner. Our own technology allows us to meet specific customer requirements quickly, to make adjustments, to develop our own products and to set trends.

Our hybrid sealants and adhesives are one example – they are non-damaging to the environment and to the health – we do not use isocyanates in our manufacturing processes.

This means that both the areas of application and the method of deployment of these construction products are ideal for creating buildings which are healthy to live in.

The hybrid technology also allows us to optimise the product characteristics:

  • Odour-free (compared to polyurethane and acetoxy silicone)
  • Highly transparent (e.g. illbruck SP030 Fix & Seal Crystal)
  • No hazard classification (compared with polyurethane)
  • Free from isocyanates and silicones
  • Long term flexibility
  • UV resistant

Those are just a few of the benefits!

The construction industry is characterised by the ever-increasing requirements of processors and manufacturers. New building regulations, which are in a constant state of flux, mean that standing still is not an option. Where progress is concerned, tremco illbruck makes maximum use of its many years of experience coupled with an innovative spirit driving its research. So we are always a step ahead of the competition.

Ten years ago already, tremco illbruck was one of the first manufacturers to turn its focus to hybrid technology. In our six Centers of Excellence we work together with over 60 R&D experts in collaboration with our customers on dozens of projects per year.

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