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tremco illbruck | 12/05/2017

First phase of extensive investments in Bodenwöhr is complete

On 5 December 2017, a celebratory ceremony at tremco illbruck in Bodenwöhr heralded a new era for the production of impregnated sealing tapes. In the...

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tremco illbruck | 08/28/2017

Sprayable sealants: the right material is decisive

Numerous planners and installers rely on sprayable sealants: simple processing and cost-effective utilisation make sealants attractive. The product...

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tremco illbruck | 08/02/2017

External thermal insulation composite systems – a wealth of possibilities

For more than six centuries, external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) have been cladding the external walls of buildings. Their role is...

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tremco illbruck | 07/18/2017

New investments in production sites across Europe

New production facilities in Wigan, Arkel and Istanbul. tremco illbruck has made significant investments in its sites during the 2017 financial year....

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tremco illbruck | 06/19/2017

Polymers in the construction industry. Just like a cake batter...

...polymers are the special ingredient for construction products. Polymers, derived from the Greek πολύ poly, 'many' and μέρος méros 'parts', are...

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tremco illbruck | 06/12/2017

Hybrids! Modern hybrid technologies for sealing and bonding

Hybrid technologies have been a firm part of the tremco illbruck range for more than 10 years already. With a wide product range which is tailored to...

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JF100 Insulating Joint Filler

JF100 Insulating Joint Filler is a groundbreaking innovation in insulating foam. It consists of a water-based polymer solution - quick and easy to use.

Compriband Trio Plus

TP652 is used to seal window and door connecting joints against wind and driving rain while providing thermal insulation for the entire installation depth.

SC900 series

The new SC900 series from Nullifire is the "next generation" of structural steel fire protection products. Two hour fire protection can be achieved in just one coat in 24 hours.

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