User-driven Innovation

We walk the talk.

Collaborating for efficiency is at the heart of our business. This also holds true for our R&D activities and new product development. Here we pay utmost attention to what our customers need and wish for the future. At our 6 Centres of Excellence we not only bundle our technical know-how, but we also combine it with local market insights as well as user and expert feedback. Through installer workshops, end-user-testings and cooperation with research institutes, our customers' feedback and market needs will directly find their way into our products and services. This is how we make sure that our innovations are of the highest standard and excite both our existing and new customers.

The future starts today

Here are our latest innovations

illbruck JF100

NEW: Ground-breaking innovation for thermal and sound insulation for all kind of internal joints. Isocyanate free, tooled immediately after applying and easy cleaning with water.

Nullifire SC901/902

NEW: Saves up to 60% in total application and drying time and eliminates delays on-site.
Maximises factory productivity off-site and reduces overall cost.