Corporate responsibility

For the sake of the environment: we take responsibility!

Environmental awareness is firmly embedded in the corporate tradition of tremco illbruck.

We cultivate a "green" tradition; for many years now, we have been conducting research and development work to create ecologically sound solutions for the construction industry.

From a corporate and an individual point of view, we are committed to protecting the environment and to ensuring we handle raw materials in a conscientious manner.

Here, we place great emphasis on our responsibility to the environment, which is reflected the measures we take, both large and small in scale.

Waste reduction & recycling

All companies create waste – we try to minimise this by means of our sustainable waste management programme. In partnership with specialist waste disposal firms, we are developing concepts for waste prevention and appropriate waste disposal.

Internal use of environmentally friendly and recyclable products supports our waste reduction within the business. We also place great importance on minimising the amount of packaging materials used for our own products.

We also try to make waste disposal as easy as possible for our customers, too. For example, a recycling pilot project has been launched in France, in partnership with one of our large customers.

We look after waste disposal for the customer on site, in cooperation with an industrial waste disposal provider. Waste boxes and roll containers are provided at all workplaces and plants. On site, the entire process of emptying them in a suitable manner with the appropriate documentation is taken over by the waste disposal firm. These simple but important measures have allowed us to optimise our customer's waste disposal and recycling processes.

Reduction of energy consumption

Innovative products can only be manufactured in modern facilities. Our focus on the future involves the continuous modernisation of our production facilities and plants.

The long term goal at our locations: to continue to improve our energy efficiency and to reduce our energy consumption. We monitor our energy consumption regularly at all plants so that we are in a position to recognise the need to modernise at an early stage. We also focus on heat recovery plants and photovoltaic roof panels in order to help reduce our energy consumption.

Since 2015, renovation work at the Bodenwöhr location has also permitted us to achieve a greater level of efficiency in terms of production, while reducing our energy consumption. Energy will also remain an important subject in Bodenwöhr in future. Other renovations such as new LED lighting and the transition to heat pumps are already in planning.

At tremco illbruck, we utilize the latest technology. Our customers and our business equally profit from the savings we are making in terms of time, money and energy.

Increased use of sustainable raw materials

Increasing demand for resources is already straining on the Earth today. Whilst consumption is increasing, raw material regeneration cannot keep pace. That's why the increased use of sustainable raw materials is an important topic at tremco illbruck. We use both fossil fuels and sustainable raw materials as responsibly and efficiently as possible.

We also value ecological innovations for our products. Our Research and Development team does a great job of optimising product composition and production processes.

The products we manufacture are increasingly free from polyurethane, isocyanate and solvents and they contain a high proportion of renewable raw materials. Market reactions to products which are as sustainable and durable as possible are extremely positive and we are firm in our intention to continue our ecological offensive.

Ecological responsibility for the industryOur agenda for the coming years: to promote environmentally-conscious research and to increase the awareness of ecological responsibility within the construction industry. We are on the right path to a green future!


We take responsibility



  • Waste reduction programs  (zero landfilling)
  • Decrease of energy consumption
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Photovoltaic roof systems
  • Increase of sustainable raw materials

Health, wellness & safety:

  • Safe working conditions
  • Non-smoking program
  • Fitness program


  • Charity support
  • Engagement in local communities