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Fire Stopping

How do the Fire Stopping Solutions work?

An example: You are in a room that is six meters long, six meters wide and six meters high. A fire has started in the neighbouring apartment. There is a 1 cm hole in the wall structure between the apartments. Already after 3 minutes and 40 seconds, there is so much smoke in your room that you will not be able see your hands and visibility is less than 40 cm.

Fire Stopping Solutions, when correctly installed into the building structure, can close joints, seal gaps and compartmentalise fire and create time to facilitate building evacuation.

To stop the fire and smoke from spreading throughout the whole building, it is necessary to divide the building into fire compartments. These compartments will confine the fire in the space where it has started. The rest of the building will keep clear from the smoke and fire, allowing a safe evacuation.

Fire compartments work by utilising Fire Stopping Solutions to seal gaps, joints and service penetrations for a defined period of time, which can be up to 120 minutes.