Trending Topic Part 3: Healthy construction, healthy living


Promoting living quality with construction methods

Construction in accordance with healthy living conditions is focused on by both manufacturers, installers and planners, but also by the end user. Healthy construction and living is directed towards people who are healthy and are wanting to remain so, but also towards people with demanding requirements due to illness or allergies.

But what exactly is meant by the term healthy-living construction? Construction in accordance with healthy living conditions involves the principle of creating a living and working environment that is as free as possible from harmful substances. A healthy environment is created by minimising sources of harmful substances, thus promoting the healthiness of living conditions and living quality.

It is important here not to separate the planning and construction phases from one another, but rather to look at them as a whole. Optimising the interaction of different building materials and their processing is involved here. The construction industry can contribute here by continually improving established products with a view to healthy construction, and by always keeping the trade up to date with the newest developments.

Indoor climate as a significant factor

The field of air sanitation is currently presenting a significant challenge to the construction industry:  The requirement that internal spaces are air-tight is stipulated by the German Energy Saving Ordinance (Energieeinsparverordnung), and building envelopes are becoming thicker and thicker. Although this should be supported when it comes to the energy efficiency of buildings, new challenges have also arisen from this: Gap-free sealing results in a minimum level of natural ventilation, meaning that room air becomes saturated with harmful substances. A controlled and sufficient supply of fresh air must be provided.

Combining both the rising requirements for building sustainability and those relating to health and life quality poses a major challenge for the construction industry. Read more.