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SP036 – The ‘Fix and Forget’ Solution


Based on tremco illbruck’s advanced SP Polymer formulation, SP036 adhesive has been developed to fulfil the widest possible range of fit-out operations including the fixing of skirting boards, wall panels, signage and other interior and exterior fittings.

Significantly, SP036 can be used to bond and seal the majority of building materials whether porous or non-porous. These include concrete, glass, PVC, polystyrene and various metals.  It is supplied in 310 ml cartridges as well as 600 ml sausages for use with bulk guns, offering user-friendly application characteristics including a tack-free time of 20-25 minutes, and is usable down to 5°C.  

Because SP036 can be tooled, it can also be used as a caulking agent as well as an adhesive. It is available in white, grey or black, and can be over-painted once cured; a process which occurs to a depth of approximately 3 mm in the first 24 hours.  

Larger components can be bonded by applying a series of beads some 10 cm apart, so that an air gap remains once the two surfaces are pressed together. The cured joint will remain strong and flexible as well as tolerant of service temperatures between -400 and +900 centigrade. And because SP036 is weather resistant it can even be used to secure roof tiles or cladding materials. Importantly, no priming is required.  

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of construction adhesives, sealants and other products, tremco illbruck offers a comprehensive technical service as well as a warranty on all products which have been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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