Sealing solutions for interior work. Low-emission jointing compounds ensure a comfortable interior climate.


Quality of home life and comfortable living – care must be taken during interior work activities to ensure that you stay cosy in your home for years to come.

This also lays a cornerstone for the building's energy efficiency.

Interior work includes all construction activities that occur inside the building, once the shell construction and building services are in place. For example, interior work activities include drywall construction, screeding and tiling, heating and sanitary work, internal plastering and wall covering as well as electrical installations.

At tremco illbruck, we focus on joints and provide a wide range of specialised solutions for joints in interior work. Because, we know that a high quality of home life and comfortable living are often down to the little details.

The topic of interior work frequently leads to further questions:

  • What influence does interior work have on the building’s energy efficiency?
  • What defines a good indoor climate, and how can I influence this? 
  • Which criteria do high-quality joints need to satisfy in interior work?

Our article on the topic of sealing solutions in interior work deals with these questions and shows why high-quality materials are so important in interior work.

This is based on extensive experience: Since 1952, the name illbruck has stood for high-quality sealing solutions for joints in interior work, for floors, drywall construction, sanitary areas and special applications. Our technical know-how, extensive experience in this sector and a range of high-quality products ensures that you will find precisely the right sealing solution for your interior work project.