Sealing made easy


A small part with a major impact: the joint. Every building is unique and presents new challenges for planners, architects, and installers.

However, one things remains consistent: the joint as a link between different building connections must reliably serve a connecting and sealing function.

Building connections, which were long considered rather a subordinate structural detail, are of the highest importance today. Therefore, architects are best advised to design them in detail – if only for the fact that the EnEV [German Energy Saving Ordinance] requires every planner to take them into consideration as early as the planning and bidding phase. The tasks extend to ensuring careful execution of the work and coordinating the work of all who are involved in the building connection interface.

This is necessary because the connection between several building components can be the weak point of each building. Only professional sealing guarantees an elastic, durable and long-term connection.

Sealed joints and building connections fulfill the following purposes:

  • Air tightness
  • Moisture transport
  • Sound protection
  • Weather protection

As insignificant as the joint may seem, it has a major effect on the airtight sealing of a building.

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