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SC900 series


The SC900 series utilises breakthrough hybrid technology and positions Nullifire as the leading specialist manufacturer of intumescent fire protection.

In summer 2013, Nullifire launched its innovative SC900 range of intumescent coatings, comprising SC901 (for off-site applications) and SC902 (for onsite work). Over time, the market for intumescent coatings has become commoditised focusing on lowest cost with little product innovation. Traditional products require multiple applications to gain 120 minute fire protection and can only be applied in certain ambient conditions. The Nullifire development team set out to challenge conventional thinking, and by breaking out of the low cost mind-set they have delivered a product that offers real benefits to the customers.

The SC900 series takes hybrid technology and harnesses it to produce a product that can be applied in just one application, works at lower temperatures, is touch dry within the hour and fully cured within 24 hours. This gives fantastic advantages for the contractor, enabling savings of up to 60% or more on application and drying time, eliminating delays on site, and reducing the overall cost of application.

Early on-site projects have included the Glen Ord distillery in Scotland, where SC902 was used to overcome humidity issues, and work has commenced coating the structural steel on the massive Strathclyde University Technology and Innovation Centre.

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