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PU700 The Van Essential


When speed and strength are paramount, illbruck PU700 multipurpose foam adhesive provides the perfect answer: offering rapid cure and ease of application for bonding a wide variety of construction materials.

While one surface must be porous, these can include brick, block, timber and steel as well as other metals. PU700 can also be used to bond insulation or other foams and is ideally suited to supporting different panel products. It can even be used as an alternative to conventional mortars for laying masonry, brick slips and clay pots.

Importantly, the adhesive is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use and exhibits long-term resistance to seawater, as well as other aggressive conditions, including acids and caustic solutions.

PU700 also offers fantastic yield potential.  One can of PU700 equates to twelve 310 ml cartridges of traditional mastic adhesive. This saves a huge amount of time, space, wastage and money to the installer.

Supplied in boxes of a dozen, 750 ml canisters, illbruck PU700 is applied using either the straws provided, or an illbruck foam gun. The foam offers an open time of eight minutes, and permits the joint to be manoeuvred after 10 minutes; curing fully in 24 hours.  Unlike cement based bonding products, PU700 can be used in ambient a temperature between -50°C and +350°C; providing the canisters kept at above +100°C.

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