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New investments in production sites across Europe


New production facilities in Wigan, Arkel and Istanbul. tremco illbruck has made significant investments in its sites during the 2017 financial year. Due to the resulting increases in production capacity, the company is now in an even stronger position to meet individual market requirements.


Over the past twelve months, tremco illbruck has made massive investments in new production facilities at three of its nine locations. The total amount invested is in the double-digit millions. “Faster production times, continued high product quality as well as the desire to be able to react more quickly to customer requirements are and were the objective of these investments.” explains Reiner Eisenhut, CEO & Managing Director of tremco illbruck Group GmbH.

For example, in Arkel in Holland, which is tremco illbruck's centre of excellence for foams, a new tank system has been integrated into the production process for the JF100 joint filler. “JF100 is our answer to the ever more frequent questions concerning low emission products and products manufactured with an awareness for health considerations” emphasised Reiner Eisenhut. JF100 is EC1PLUS-certified and is therefore “very low emission”. When sealing and insulating internal joints, this product brings numerous benefits to both applicators and building users – from building residents to children attending kindergarten.

The tank system, as well as other investments, permit a greater degree of efficiency and flexibility when developing new formulations which are adapted to the requirements of the future.

Increase in sealant production in Istanbul

This spring, a new production plant was commissioned in Istanbul, where the company produces sealants. The new plant will be used to process extremely thick and paste-like products with high viscosity and is one of the leading facilities currently on the market.

Eisenhut explains: “Our global structure is increasingly paying off. This is equally the result of the extensive technology exchanges between our centres of excellence and existing and new production sites.”

The increased working speed at the new plant in Istanbul means that processing times for sealants are significantly reduced, meaning that manufacturing is quicker and more efficient. In particular, tremco illbruck can react with the requisite speed to the demand for one of its core products, a two-component secondary sealant for standard sealing of insulated glass.

New automated batt machine in Wigan

At the passive fire protection site in Wigan, located west of Manchester, an automated batt machine is the new centrepiece of production. The Nullifire range is manufactured here, which is tremco illbruck's passive fire protection brand.

“Surface technology – or coating – is an area of manufacturing in which we are significantly increasing our competitiveness and boosting added value for our clients. This is why we have chosen to invest in this new machine” said Reiner Eisenhut.

The new machine applies a coating to mineral fibre boards. This ablation coating contains substances which change chemically when exposed to heat. The boards are therefore chilled and emit substances which have a flame-retardant effect. “The new plant is indispensable”, emphasised Mike Liptrot, Business Unit Leader Sealants and Coatings. “As a result of a significantly higher degree of automation, we are able to guarantee a constantly high level of quality and shorter delivery times as well as improved working conditions for the employees working at the plant.”

The demand for one of the core products in the Nullifire range, FB750, can now be managed in a significantly more rapid and flexible way. FB750 will shortly receive EU approval and it will be available in European markets outside Great Britain.

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