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Do you ever get fed up with silicone sealants that don’t tool properly and give a poor quality finish? Is it frustrating to see mould growth on a recently installed job?

With illbruck’s fantastic new GS123 sanitary grade silicone sealant, you don’t have to worry about these problems! GS123 offers a high quality finish that stays just the way it was intended - fresh and long lasting.

  •  For all types of bathrooms and showers
  •  Can also be used in kitchens*
  •  Seals areas with high levels of moisture
  •  Superior mould resistance
  •  Fantastic finish
  •  Available in white and translucent

If you need a high-quality sanitary silicone with a longer lasting finish, then look no further than illbruck GS123 - the professionals‘ choice.

*For more details please see Technical Data Sheet

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