Introducing FB750 and FS702


As part of a continuing development process, two key Nullifire fire stopping products have been improved and, to prevent confusion, have undergone a name change. Nullifire FS701 Water-Based Intumescent Acrylic Sealant and Nullifire FB747 Coated Batt will now be called Nullifire FS702 Water-Based Intumescent Acrylic Sealant and Nullifire FB750 Ablative Coated Batts respectively.

Over the past 12 months, Nullifire has been carrying out modifications and  testing on its range of coated batts, acrylic sealants and other passive fire protection products. These tests are ongoing yet have already provided improved product performance and a greater field of applications in many situations, all of which are listed within their third party Certifre approvals, under their new product names.

The technical and fire performance of both products has been improved in a number of areas and FS702 can be used as part of a system with FB750. The main noticeable difference between the old and new products is the air permeability result. Both are now airtight up to 2,000 Pa, compared with 600 Pa previously. The increase in air tightness performance ensures the product remains in place when used in conjunction with gas suppression systems.

FS702 is suitable for use in various construction movement joints while providing an excellent acoustic and air seal. It can now also be painted with any standard trade emulsion or gloss.

FB750 is a lightweight, four-hour fire barrier comprising a mineral-fibre board with an elastomeric, ablative water-based sealant. It may be used in blockwork and flexible walls of C-stud or timber frame construction and non-loadbearing floors. The product is additionally tested for use in conjunction with a range of Nullifire closer devices for combustible pipes and combustible ventilation ducting.

Both FB750 and FS702 are now fully identifiable using our unique tracer system, which, while invisable to the naked eye, reveals a strong blue glow when placed under ultra violet light. This feature gives confidence to all parties that the installed product has been manufactured and supplied by tremco illbruck and is relevant to the certification against which the product has been specified.