Installation made easy: Bonding is the new drilling!


Safety, quality and time savings – why drilling is outdated and why bonding is establishing itself as a new technique.


"Never change a running system" is a saying from the IT sector which is more and more frequently used within construction to justify a lack of innovation and a fear of change. But not all established application technologies are still up to date. The same goes for drilling: in almost all application areas within construction, materials need to be attached to one another. The classic way of doing this is by drilling and then attaching the materials using screws or plugs. Although this method has been used for centuries, the disadvantages are conveniently forgotten: the negative impact on the stability of the components, the amount of time it takes and the safety risks it involves.

Increasingly, the construction sector, the skilled trades and industry are now choosing to rely on tremco illbruck's professional adhesives. They come out top as they are so easy to handle compared with drilling, which involves a great deal more effort. Thanks to the products' extremely rapid initial adhesion and hardening qualities, they can be safely used with no need for long waiting times.

Innovative adhesive ranges ensure simplified application on almost allmaterials: metal, glass, tiles, wood, natural stone and also insulating materials can be perfectly anddurably bonded.

Will drilling be completely sidelined in a few years time? It's unlikely, as this is method has proven its worth. However, bonding will be more and more frequently usedand will become established as a fully adequate alternative to drilling. In this field, we are well ahead with our innovative ideas,durable products and technical expertise.

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SP350 Fix and Seal High Tack is illbruck's all-round talent: this elastic single-componentadhesive based on hybrid polymers has a particularly high initial adhesion and delivers what it promises. SP350 is chemically neutral, non-corrosive and low odour – ideal for both internaland external applications. Using this product, creating tension-equalising bonds between various materials is child's play. Find out more about this product here.