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Enjoy superior aesthetics with cutting-edge installation tape


Ben Alcock, Business Development Manager at sealant, adhesive and tape specialists illbruck, talks about the aesthetic benefits of using installation tape.

I still remember the day I fitted my first window. I was a teenager and working with a local installer to earn a bit of money. It was going ok, but up to this point I’d mostly just been given the odd jobs to do – carrying the tools, sweeping up and so on.

But then my boss handed me the silicone gun. I’d never used it before, and was amazed that, even in the 2000s, windows were still being installed by hand using something not all that more complex than a tube full of glue.

Predictably, I made a real mess of my first installation. I got the shakes, and silicone went everywhere. I was obviously new and nervous, and a practised hand would’ve done a much neater job. But it always left me with a sense that there must be a better way of installing than that.

Years later, I came to work at illbruck – and discovered there was a better way.

I think impregnated installation tape is the future for a whole host of reasons – thermal efficiency, acoustic insulation, ease of use. But one of the lesser appreciated ones is aesthetics.

On a good day, an experienced installer will have no problem with silicone. But if it’s windy, or if, like I was, you’re inexperienced or in a rush, installing with it can quickly go wrong – and if you’re left with a messy job, it’s going to look bad for the whole lifespan of the window.

But even if silicone is applied perfectly during an installation, it won’t look pristine for long. Very quickly, it will start to go black and dirty-looking as it’s exposed to the elements. Tape, on the other hand, just leaves a neat black line around the edge of the installed window.

At illbruck, we’ve developed TP650 Trio, an installation tape that’s made with pre-compressed, multi-functional polyurethane and is impregnated with flame-retardant resin.

TP650 Trio it doesn’t just offer leading performance – it’s also a breeze to fit. A lot of other non-silicone sealant solutions on the market are incredibly difficult to align or can crease around corners. Trio has none of these problems – and can be measured and applied in a matter of minutes. Even better, it’s unobtrusive when installed, and will look pristine for years afterwards.

If you would like to know more about TP650 Trio and how it can benefit your business, please get in touch.

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