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Case Study: Academic Buildings


Creating a modern learning environment with innovative building products.

Academic training and support for young people is very close to our hearts. That's why it's always a pleasure for tremco illbruck to take part in the construction of academic buildings. Whether it's a new structure or a renovation - we have the right product for every requirement. Fire Safety: Strathclyde University Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow

The construction of the new Technology and Innovation Centre at the Scottish University of Strathclyde in Glasgow was designed by the acclaimed architectural firm BDP. The modern building has a central atrium and enormous glass surfaces, which are supported by a steel frame. Challenge
More than 25,000 square meters of space had to be rendered fire resistant and comply with fire regulations. It was also important to choose products that would reduce the amount of work in order to avoid unnecessarily delaying construction in the wet Scottish climate. Solution
Nullifire SC902 was selected as the solution. The innovative intumescent coating was used throughout the entire steel structure. SC902 can be applied at low temperatures, reaches the required level of protection with a single treatment and is resistant against light rain within an hour. This allowed the specialists to install the fire protection in just one day, enabling them to continue work regardless of the weather. Of course, our technical advisory team was on site to provide assistance and to monitor its correct application. Sealing: Student Dormitory in Max-Horkheim-Str., Wuppertal The old-fashioned dormitory, built in Wuppertal in 1984, was restored by the architectural firm Architektur Contor Müller Schlüter. The floor plans were restructured and new shower rooms, a decentralised ventilation system for heat recovery, as well as a new outer shell for the building envelope were installed. Now, thanks to the restorations, the dormitory shines with low-energy house standard innovations, reduced CO2 emissions and halved heating costs, making it much more relaxing to study! Challenge
The window design and the frame set in front of the masonry required an external vapour-permeable seal. Only in this way could the dormitory be protected against condensation, mould and thermal bridges. Solution
The multi-function sealing tape, TP652 Trio + was used to provide secure, comprehensive long-term protection. The sealing strip guarantees a seal at all levels and can be installed quickly, thus not only creating a reliable seal, but an economically efficient one by saving time.  Roofing: Castle Hill School, Offerton Castle Hill School required renovation in order to comply with current building codes. The flat roof in particular needed extensive restoration work. We are proud to have contributed to the Castle Hill School's modern and safe learning environment! Challenge
The Castle Hill School roof was getting on in years and could no longer meet the current building codes. The restoration had to be implemented in a way that saved time and money while simultaneously providing a long-term solution. Solution
The existing system of roofing felt was retained as a vapour barrier. The TREMCO Repoma Rapid Cure Roofing System was installed to reinforce the roof and to enhance it with a high degree of water repellency.The curing system used offers the advantage of compatibility with most structures and surfaces. The surfaces do not require lengthy preparations. The quick one-hour curing time is especially advantageous in areas with a high chance of rain. This saves time and money on the construction site. Now the school can rely on the refurbished roof for the next 20 years.   Flooring: Regent High School, Camden This Victorian building underwent restoration while also undergoing the simultaneous construction of new teaching and administrative wings. More than 10,000 square metres of flooring was laid in Regent High School - primarily using our products. Challenge
A tight time frame demanded that the flooring be laid quickly and without interruptions or other incidents. Quick drying time and compatibility with the previously installed underfloor heating system were just two of the requirements for the products. Solution
Using TREMCO ES100 One Coat Universal DPM, CS100 Epoxy primer and TREMCO putty, we optimally prepared the Regent High School floors for future use. This complete solution made it possible for us to bring the existing old floors up to modern standards and to prepare the new flooring for many years of use. Air Tightness: Square East Complex, Haarlem Environmental awareness and energy efficiency have been a high priority in the Dutch construction industry for many years. The Square East Complex in Haarlem is now home to the city's first energy-neutral school. Challenge
The new building needed to meet modern standards of energy-neutral construction. In order to achieve energy neutrality, the highest possible air-tightness of the building envelope and window terminals had to be ensured. Solution
The wall cavity was insulated with a two-layer system in order to implement the required energy neutrality. Connections and joints were sealed with elastic polyurethane foam. The windows were triple-glazed. The combination of these measures generated an extremely high degree of air-tightness: the required levels were actually exceeded by more than 50%! We contribute to the construction and maintenance of modern educational institutions with our innovative products so the pioneers of tomorrow can learn and research with peace of mind today. 

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