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Case Studies: Historic Buildings


Our building products are not just used in new buildings but are also very suited to the renovation of historic buildings.

The preservation of historic buildings is of great importance to our cultural and architectural heritage. Historic buildings do not just tell a story of old architecture but also of times, traditions and tales gone by. The preservation of these buildings constitutes a key part of the conservation of built heritage. Customised concepts for solutions-based renovation and restoration are needed to restore the aged building structure so it is as good as new. Our product systems and services support you in the preservation of historic buildings.

Passive fire protection: Glen Ord Distillery in Scotland

At over 170 years old, the Glen Ord Distillery is one of the most well-known distilleries in Scotland. The distillery has been extended in order to meet modern requirements and provide more space for production and storage.


The renovation and extension of the distillery should be carried out in a speedy and cost-efficient manner, and should not interrupt ongoing operation. Reliable and long-lasting passive fire protection was needed for the steel components of the new building - Nullifire was just the ticket for this!


An intumescent coating was used in the form of Nullifire SC902 in order to protect the new steel components in case of fire. The Nullifire product came out on top due to its easy application, quick drying time and high resistance to corrosion in comparison to other notable competitor products. Our on-site experts gave some valuable tips on the application of the coating.  

Floor laying: New parquet flooring for the Charminster Church

The floors in the St Francis of Assisi Church in Charminster needed urgent renovation. They were subject to heavy stress due to continuous use and a visually appealing long-term solution was needed.


Before the new church floors could be laid, the existing concrete subfloor had to be prepared.  The subfloor had to be treated in advance in order to avoid moisture problems, and uneven areas had to be levelled out.


When carrying out the flooring work, the building contractor UK Wood Flooring Limited relied on a tried-and-tested TREMCO system. An ideal foundation for the new church floors was created by the combination of primer (CS175), underlay (SX302) and an epoxy-free membrane (ES100). The 450 m² oak floors were laid with the tremco adhesive SF520 in a herringbone pattern. All of the church floors were relaid in just five weeks, with impressive results.  

Waterproof roofs: Old Admiralty Building in London

The Old Admiralty Building in London is the headquarters of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The roof of the building from the 19th century had significant defects and was not waterproof, which led to leaks.


Attempts had already been made to prevent water entering the building by replacing surfaces. This did not lead to the desired result, meaning a reliable long-term solution was imperative. The roof, with a surface area of more than 1000 m², had to be completely renewed.


As part of the renovation, the existing surface was removed and a provisional roof was provided to protect the structure. TREMCO products were also used to guarantee a waterproof surface: A waterproof basis for the new roof was created with the CP250 membrane and the durable membrane protection CP620. With a bitumen level coating and a resin-bonded surface structure, the roof of the Old Admiralty Building is now not just protected from the elements, but it was possible to carry out the renovation without changing the physical appearance of the historic building.  

Waterproof façade: Frauenkirche Dresden

The Frauenkirche, which was rebuilt in 2003, is the landmark of Dresden. The Baroque dome batter is covered with sandstone plates and provides the well-known bell shape.


Water is drained from the dome of the Frauenkirche via curved batter. Over 2000 meters of joints had to be hermetically sealed, and the protection of the delicate sandstone had to be guaranteed. It was decided that priming and coating should be abstained from so as to not visually impact on the natural patination of the sandstone. The right solution in terms of material and one which fulfilled the optical and qualitative requirements had to be found for the sealing of the batter.


The joint depth was fixed with closed-cell illbruck PR102 polyethylene round cord. TP600 illmod 600 sealing tape from illbruck was laid on top of this. The advantages of this sealing tape are plain to see: The waterproofing does not impact on the sandstone and also withstands heavy rain and bird filth. All the materials were extensively tested before use under realistic conditions in a climate chamber at the Bodenwöhr plant. Therefore it was possible to guarantee that the building products used would provide long-term protection of the façade of the Frauenkirche in Dresden.  

Preservation of historic buildings with tremco illbruck

We support you in the preservation of historic buildings with innovative sealing and bonding products, passive fire protection, floor laying and roofing. Thus buildings of historic value can be maintained not just in the present, but in the future too. 

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