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BAU 2019: From airtight façades to passive fire protection


The tremco illbruck booth at the BAU 2019 trade fair in Munich tells a coherent story – a story which architects, planners and processors will already be very familiar with. The following questions will be answered sequentially at the individual stations: How do I get started when creating a detailed plan for sealing windows, façades and individual construction phases? How do I implement the requirements for air-tightness and fire safety? Which high-quality, reliable solutions and intelligent alternatives can tremco illbruck offer me? What are the steps that need to be taken to install flawless, state-of-the-art joint seals? At BAU 2019, held from 14th to 19th January, this innovative manufacturer based in Cologne, Germany, will once again demonstrate its expertise with the illbruck and Nullifire brands, comprehensive service and excellent products. As always, tremco illbruck can be found at booth A2.111.

Entry-level: the detailed plan

At the first station, it’s all about the period of time in which the foundations are laid for perfect execution: the detailed planning process. Here, members of the “construction joint planning team” will offer valuable tips on which areas of the construction joints require particular attention. In addition to the www.bauanschluss.INFO platform, the newly developed online installation planning tool is being exhibited – and will be available on www.illbruck.de once the exhibition has finished. It will provide step-by-step targeted guidance on the correct sealing solution for every structural joint – including tender document texts.
On a day-to-day basis, the “construction joint planning team” will also demonstrate its high level of technical expertise when developing individual details in dialogue with the planners, producing tender documentation and carrying out isothermal calculations.

Interim stop: Air-tightness in accordance with the EU Buildings Directive

For a long time now, tremco illbruck has been focusing on the new Buildings Directive which is binding with effect from 2019 or 2021 respectively. The sealing specialist will also provide expert answers on the requirements of this directive too – there will be more about air-tightness and the blower-door-test on site at BAU.

The solutions: the right system for every construction situation

tremco illbruck has prepared no fewer than 42 sample joints for the exhibition. Using these transparent cubes, it is possible to gain a precise insight into the combination of individual products which have been used for the respective structural joints.

Live: How to carry out proper installation

The best products are of no use if planners and processors do not really know how to use them properly. Visitors can follow the installation of the individual products in detail live at the exhibition booth. Following the exhibition, the service continues: with on-site consultations, sample installations and training sessions, for example for the TÜV-certified “Window/door assembly supervisors” which tremco illbruck offers in collaboration with TÜV Rheinland.

New: Passive fire protection

The company will also present its pioneering range for passive fire safety in steel constructions at the BAU exhibition. The “Nullifire” brand offers innovative, high-performance coatings for fireproofing up to F120 and beyond. The Nullifire range for fire-resistant sealing also possesses these qualities, to create smoke and fire-proof joints between fire sections.

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