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Maritime living in the heart of the city

The residential towers on London City Island are a thoroughly international project: built by English construction companies with components supplied by a Dutch precast panel manufacturer and sealed using tried-and-tested German quality. The investor, the Ballymore Group, used the fully prefabricated wall panels from Byldis Prefab in order to be able to offer its clients the exclusive new living spaces on the peninsula as quickly as possible despite the labour shortage in the English construction sector. The first four residential towers, with 11 to 18 storeys, were completed at the end of 2017, built using wall panels from Byldis Prefab and sealed with illbruck SP525 Frame and Façade Sealant & Adhesive and illbruck TP600 Compriband 600 .

The seal: first-class functioning as standard...

Among their sturdy red, blue and dark-grey neighbours, two of the residential towers make a light and airy impression thanks to being cladded in bricks that are almost white in colour. The wall panels consist of a rear-ventilated brick shell in front of a solid insulated concrete structure.

Byldis Prefab has already been using tremco illbruck products for a long time, and was won over by the SP525 sealant thanks to its noticeably versatile combinations of high movement capability and long-term performance, its health compatibility and its user-friendly application. The sealant’s excellent long-term resistance to weathering, ageing and UV is important while the height of the building means that the sealant’s elastic recovery is needed in order to safely absorb the usual expected movements. The sealant owes all these properties due to its formulation based on advanced SP polymer technology. As a result of these properties, the sealant meets the requirements of EN ISO 11600 F 25LM. Furthermore, its formulation also means that it is free from solvents, isocyanate and silicone, allowing it to reach the highest levels of health compatibility and user-friendliness, which is confirmed by its certification by EC1PLUS as “very low emission”.

…Individually chosen shade

So far, so good. Unfortunately, none of the five standard light shades of illbruck SP525 Frame and Façade Sealant & Adhesive matched the brick colour as perfectly as the client was hoping for. Therefore, the specialists from the tremco illbruck research and development department in Traunreut developed a shade that allows the off-white/vintage-white exposed concrete surfaces to merge together with an elegant overall appearance. The sealant left the factory in Traunreut in the new RAL 1013 Oyster White shade, to be used for the very first time on London City Island. It was a big hit immediately: RAL 1013 is now one of the standard SP525 palette shades at tremco illbruck in Great Britain.