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tremco illbruck fits out the Burj Khalifa

Exact requirement: 17 different sealing products for the highest building in the world

4 January 2010 marked the opening ceremony of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Originally to be called the “Burj Dubai” (“Tower of Dubai”), the tower was renamed on the day of its handover in honour of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler of the neighbouring Emirate Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates to thank him for the support he had provided for the construction of this 828-meter high tower.

Ingenious supporting framework

The architectural and engineering firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill designed the building, which houses luxury apartments, hotels and offices in three wings around a hexagonal centre. The wings support one another and are tiered vertically in order to reduce the wind pressure. 192 concrete piles with a length of up to 50 metres were used for the foundations in sandy ground, removing the loads via lateral friction. According to the architects, the slab foundations could therefore be designed to take165 storeys with dimensions that would normally be adequate for 40 storeys. In order to provide the building with extra stability, it was completely built using cast in-situ concrete up to a height of 600 metres with the remaining 228m made from structural steel with pre-cast concrete floor slabs.

Expedient sealing for vast movement in building components in desert climate

In order to seal the various connection details, tremco illbruck supplied 17 different products from its broad product range, protecting the building against humidity and heat and ensuring that it continues to retain its functionality in the long term, even in the challenging desert climate. The company, which is headquartered in Cologne, is represented in 90 distribution countries and also has a subsidiary in Dubai itself. This ensured around-the-clock comprehensive and immediate support for all those responsible on the construction site. The basic construction includes an insulated glazed surface of 30,000 m² with an aluminium frame, sealed with Tremco Tremsil 500. This silicone is highly weatherproof and can withstand component movement of up to 50% of the joint width. This characteristic is very important as the size of the façade elements and the on-site temperature fluctuations create considerable thermal and mechanical component movement – the calculated movement of the top of the tower in the wind goes up to 1.50 metres. Inside the building, the polyurethane sealants Tremco Dymonic and Tremco Dymeric 240 were used. These products were specially developed to protect joints exposed to dynamic building movement.

Expansive SG-surfaces bond securely for high wind loads

A further 25,000 m² of structurally glazed facade was bonded and sealed using tremco illbruck products, including Tremco Proglaze II and Tremco SGT 9200, two premium components for safe and long-lasting structural glazing and insulated glass construction ensuring both an energy efficient façade well capable of withstanding the design wind loadings and full compatibility between the glazing components.

Waterproof and moisture resistant – from head to toe

In addition to the energy-efficient seals, tremco illbruck supplied various non-staining humidity-resistant sealants for joints and floors, including the coating for the 120,000 m² of underground parking, plus the areas planted with greenery which are distributed around the building at regular intervals. Robust, elastomeric watertight coatings from the Vulkem product range were used, which create a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain surface once cured. Tremco Tremsil 200 from the tremco illbruck range was also used in the kitchens and bathrooms. >>

>> On the safe side with tremco illbruck: due to technical support, trainings and invidual solutions

tremco illbruck impressed the main contractor Samsung C&T, Besix, Arabtec JV both with its diverse product range and also with its all-round customer service, which ranges from project planning support through to training courses and consulting and support on the building site. From solutions for Insulating and Structural Glazing and against weather influences or compensatory materials for expansion joints and flooring solutions, the international company has ground-breaking and effective products for highly specialised applications within its range. As the products are developed in four technology centres in Europe each with its various area of focus, tremco illbruck is in a position to react to customer wishes with flexibility. It also allows the worldwide network of subsidiaries to provide customers with competent local assistance tailored to individual designs thanks to specific knowledge of local standards and conditions such as those here in Dubai.