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Looking and listening make all the difference: We can only achieve our superb technical expertise and oustanding knowledge of local markets through constant feedback form our customers, and we have understood that this is the key to sustainable and customer-focused product development.

Recent Highlights

illbruck TP650/ 652

The invention of this multi-purpose tape revolutionised window installation - providing triple protection in just one step. Learn more >>

What are the Benefits of using TP650 Trio?

  • Suitable for new-build and replacement installations
  • Maintains the energy performance of the window/door
  • Driving rain resistant to 600 Pa, also providing thermal and acoustic insulation and airtightness in one product
  • Quick and easy application


illbruck SP925 Air Seal

The first "brushable and sprayable window membrane": It´s never been quicker or easier to apply an airtight and waterproof seal on joints between windows and façades. Learn more >>

What are the Benefits of using SP925?

  • Easy sealing of complex small joints
  • Very easy to handle
  • Brushable and sprayable
  • Permanently elastic
  • Fast curing
  • Solvent, isocyanate and silicone free
  • Can be applied to damp substrates

illbruck JF100 Joint Filler

The next-generation joint-filler: combines the highest safety standards with rapid processing, and it is safe for peopole and the environment. Learn more >>

What are the Benefits of using JF100?

  • 100% free from isocyanate and water-based
  • Easy application with nozzle or foam gun
  • Bonds with all conventional sub-surfaces and provides thermal insulation and sound insulation up to 60 dB
  • Easy cleaning before curing
  • No reworking necessary

Nullifire SC901/ 902 Intumescent Steel Coating

Patented technology: up to 60% quicker to apply and dry than standard systems. Learn more >>

What are the Benefits of using SC901/ 902?

  • Fast cure, touch dry in 1 hour
  • Early weather resistance, shower proof within 1 hour
  • High build potential with all fire
  • Fire rating up to 120 minutes tested to UK and EN Standards