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More than 60 years of brand success

The story of tremco illbruck begins with Willi and Christiane Illbruck. Willi Illbruck was a self-made man with a strong interest in plastics technology and thus founded 1952 his own construction and insulation company. The following years showed an impressive entrepreneurial career.

After the acquisition by RPM International Inc. and the merger of Tremco Europe leading to the incorporation of the newly founded tremco illbruck group, the former family-owned company developed into a company with international standing.

tremco illbruck has expanded its business by a number of acquisitions and integrations in the last couple of years and has constantly extended its product portfolio in sealing, bonding and coating and has entered new markets.


After the Merger
2018 tremco illbruck modernises the centre for sealant and adhesive technology in Traunreut (GER)
2017 tremco illbruck invests across Europe in production sites: New production facilities in Bodenwöhr (GER), Wigan (UK), Arkel (NL) and Istanbul (TUR). The total amount invested is in the double-digit millions.
2017 Acquisition of Nurichem Co. Ltd. in South Korea
2016 Acquisition of Adhere Industrial Tapes Ltd. in UK
2016 tremco illbruck makes significant investments in its Bodenwöhr and Traunreut locations in Germany. Investments of just under ten million euros are being made with the intention of strengthening both sites.
2015 Acquisition of Firetherm Intumescent & Insulation Supplies Ltd. in UK
2012 tremco illbruck invests in new European central warehouse in Bodenwöhr
2012 Acquisition of Fema in Germany, Expansion of the Middle East Business (establishment of tremco illbruck LLC)
2010 Acquisition of Park Diş Ticaret A.S. in Turkey
2009 Acquisition of Karochemie AG in Switzerland
2008 Acquisition of Prosytec SAS in France, merger with ACM Ltd. in UK, new subsidiaries in Slovakia and Hungary
2007 Acquisition of Permaquik Ltd. in UK
2005 Acquisition of the illbruck Sealant Systems by RPM International Inc. and merger with Tremco Europe to form the new tremco illbruck Group

Before the merger


1954 Market entry in Europe with a joint venture in UK
1928 Tremco is founded in Cleveland, Ohio by William Treuhaft (Tremco stands for Treuhaft Manufacturing Company)


1984 – 1991 Business expansion in the construction industry in North and South Europe
1965 First production site in Leverkusen/Germany
1952 Willi and Christiane Illbruck found the company