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Sales Director with heart and soul: Constanz Bothof’s story

Constanz Bothof knows that success can only happen with a motivated and dedicated team. As Sales Director Benelux he is responsible for all Sales and Marketing activities within the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg. He has been part of tremco illbruck for already 25 years and leads a team consisting of over 40 people since 2005. A good relationship to his employees and customers is his main motivation.

We asked him for his story of success…

How did you come to work for tremco illbruck?

By now it was 25 years ago. The owner and Sales Director of Cocon asked me if I was interested in a sales function within his organization. At that time I worked as a purchaser in a hardware store and we bought products from Cocon. The charm of the offer: The new position promised a lot of promotion chances in the future because business was growing enormously.

What were important steps for you at tremco illbruck – so far?

During all the years working for the company I continuously got more responsibility and bigger key account customers. When I got the chance in 1999 to participate in an illbruck management skill program, I was extra motivated in making the next steps of my career within this company. When I have reached my leading position the company invested in additional training courses which I needed in my development as a Sales Director in a rapidly changing market.

Which tasks do you have in your job?

With a management team of 4 we are responsible for Turnover, Gross Margin, and Profit. Besides that I am still visiting strategic customers and looking for partnerships with suppliers. In the “Business Unit North” my colleagues and I support growing the business in countries of Northern Europe like UK, Sweden, and Finland. Because of my experience within the distribution business I am also supporting other sales units in developing their business plans.

How do you value tremco illbruck as an employer?

My loyalty for 25 years speaks for itself. I really like to work with a great and motivated team within an international company where you get the opportunity to deal locally with support from the Central Management. “Think Global, Act Local”!

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

My motivation and drive is always satisfying the customers and growing the business together with the whole team. Of course, my motivation in the end is the result/profit because of all the hard work as a team. However even more important is the relationship I have with my employees and customers. There is a strong collaborating spirit and we always have so much fun together.

And apart from your job?

I love to spend time with my family and supporting charity organizations with cycling activities. For example, I climbed the mountain Alpe d’huez in France with a racing bicycle 6 times in 1 day for a Cancer foundation and cycled 525 km within 24 hours for Ronald McDonald House.

What does tremco illbruck mean to you?

After half of my life, tremco illbruck is more than just a company to me. I get the chance to develop myself and to be part of a great team. I am really thankful for that.