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Multi-talent Product & Marketing Manager: Enric Gres’ story!

The daily business of Enric Gres is anything but boring. Since 2016, the Product and Marketing Manager is in charge of all Marketing actions as well as the product range for Spain and Portugal. Enric Gres collaborates with the Product Managers in order to implement the product strategy, to control technical management in our local market, to coordinate and apply the European Branding strategy.

How did you heard of tremco illbruck?

The first time I heard about tremco illbruck was 4 years ago when a supplier told me that the subsidiary of Spain and Portugal was looking for an expert in Digital Marketing to take the care of their Social Networking Sites.

How did you come to this company?

After a first stage as "freelance", collaborating in the design, development and management of the online actions, the Country Manager offered me the position of Marketing and Product Manager when the growth of the business and its activities required to have own resources to face these challenges with guarantees in a direct way.

What is part of your job? Your tasks? Your projects?

Supporting the General Management, Sales Team and the Customer Service team in the Spanish subsidiary based in Barcelona, I am taking care of all Marketing actions and the product range for Spain and Portugal. I am responsible for the internal & external communication activities and identifying the external growth opportunities for the business of our brands.

What is the special feature of your job?

"Think fast, act faster” and "Think before acting" are two of the slogans that I have in my mind every day, especially, being responsible for such a several number of tasks. It is important to be very methodical, organized and operational in the resolution of each of the tasks entrusted, which requires strict planning to make the most of the time and available resources.


What do you like most about your job?

Being able to combine creativity and design with the most analytical and technical part of my work. The mix of marketing tasks plus product tasks generates an exciting experience due to the challenges that it offers you permanently, forcing you to continuous training to be able to give a satisfactory solution and avoiding monotony and boredom.

What motivates you personally?

The new challenges and the constant evolution to become better every day and to be a qualified professional.

What goals are you pursuing for the future?

Developing an excellent job at the subsidiary of Spain and Portugal with the achievement of some very good results to consolidate a powerful Marketing & Product department that allows being a reference in our markets and helping us to grow in our commercial activity becoming leaders for each one of the product ranges.

What tremco illbruck means to me?

An important opportunity and a great challenge to carry out and fulfill all my professional expectations through and with the collaboration of a large team.

What do you like to do apart from your job?

The rest of my time I like to dedicate it to my greatest passion, my family, with whom I share hobbies such as scuba diving and skiing. Traveling and reading on holidays without looking at the clock are some of my hobbies, too.

We hope Enric Gres keeps on enjoying further developments in the field of Marketing and Product Management and look forward to future collaboration.