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Staff Development: the Academy Program

A company is only as successful as its staff. It's therefore our company responsibility to actively support the professional development of our staff. With the tremco illbruck Academy program, we have started a company-wide program which supports employees in realising their full potential and further develop their professional and management expertise.

tremco illbruck Academy: reaching goals together

The tremco illbruck Academy was introduced in 2011 and is aimed at growing highly effective staff from across our organisation.  Over several months, members of the program will understand different styles and ways of working and learn more about their own strengths and weaknesses.

Employees learn about processes, systems and structures that will contribute to the success of their working day through training, coaching and mentoring sessions and team and individual projects.  Participants also receive detailed feedback on their own performance and individual preferences and styles.

The Academy offers the participants insight into new areas and gives them the possibility to deal with subject areas they are not yet familiar with. A lot of value is placed on the exchange of information between colleagues of other departments and countries. Sharing experience does not just create new networks but also helps a person challenge their own views and thought processes. Academy Participants have reported a positive effect of what they have learnt on their professional and private environment, and evaluate the Academy as a consistently positive experience.

Performance and Leadership Academy

The Academy specifically develops the qualities of current managers and of employees who have been highly effective performers in their current roles. For this reason, the Academy is split into two sections: Performance and Leadership Academy. The Performance Academy is a personal development program for all employees anywhere in the Company, while the Leadership Academy is a program for experienced leaders. Thus the training sessions provide participants with important information in a targeted way, and support the learning process at all levels.

The Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) is a worldwide organisation ranked amongst the top 10 in the world for executive education.  They have reviewed the Academy program and described it as a ‘comprehensive leadership development opportunity’.  They gave the Academy program the the distinction of being best practice within the RPM Group of Companies.

Successful development

tremco illbruck's Academy helps us to develop talented employees and encourages them to grow their strengths. The Academy provides a medium for a change by providing new perspectives and new experiences.  The success of the programs can be seen by the number of graduates who take on new responsibilities, assignments and positions once they have completed the Academy.