Sealing made easy

Sealing is defined as “the introduction of suitable materials into a joint/building connector in order to prevent infiltration of water, air and sound between building components and structural parts while simultaneously adjusting for movement or durably integrating varied structural components" (DIN EN 26927:1990).

A small part with a major impact: the joint

Every building is unique and presents new challenges for planners, architects, and installers. However, one things remains consistent: the joint as a link between different building connections must reliably serve a connecting and sealing function.

Building connections, which were long considered rather a subordinate structural detail, are of the highest importance today. Therefore, architects are best advised to design them in detail – if only for the fact that the EnEV [German Energy Saving Ordinance] requires every planner to take them into consideration as early as the planning and bidding phase. The tasks extend to ensuring careful execution of the work and coordinating the work of all who are involved in the building connection interface.

This is necessary because the connection between several building components can be the weak point of each building. Only professional sealing guarantees an elastic, durable and long-term connection.

Sealed joints and building connections fulfill the following purposes:

  • Airtightness
  • Moisture transport
  • Sound protection
  • Weather protection

As insignificant as the joint may seem, it has a major effect on the airtight sealing of a building.

Reliable sealing with tremco illbruck and its strong brands

Our brand illbruck offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality sealing and adhesive materials to ensure perfect results in the sealing and adhesive process, whether it involves windows, facades, interiors or exteriors of a large building construction or a smaller restoration project. illbruck has over 60 years’ experience in this area and delivers proven solutions for all connections on the building shell and interior construction.

SP925 Air Seal Sealing made easy! The brushable and sprayable air seal facilitates assembly. Based on hybrid polymer technologies, SP925 enables easy handling, even in hard-to-reach corners of windows and doors.

  • Permanently elastic
  • Solvent, isocyanate and silicone free
  • Brushable and sprayable

Whether joint sealing belts, films, sealants, adhesives, PU foams or moldings – with our product range developed according to aspects of construction physics, we create the basis for an airtight seal. In the form of sealing concepts which also effectively and sustainably fulfill their potential for energy-saving building restoration.

Our sealing concepts are proof of our comprehensive know-how and offer competent holistic solutions for safe and sustainable sealing in compliance with standards.

Some benefits of our illbruck sealing systems at a glance:

  • Easy processing: Time and cost savings through fast application, independent of weather         
  • Viable: Versatile use, sealing with only one brand 
  • Economic: Quality pays: Our innovative products are durable, weather-resistant and prevent energy losses
  • Safe: Numerous certificates and seals of approval confirm the product quality 
  • Healthy for living and environmentally friendly: Products with low emissions to enhance a healthy way of life

In our Centers of Excellence, we have already improving and creating tomorrow’s future: with expertise, knowledge of the market and experience, our experts create innovative products that provide our customers with accessible high-quality solutions:

  • Arkel in the Netherlands (Sealants, Foams)    
  • Dijon in France (IG/SSG Sealants) 
  • Istanbul in Turkey (IG/SSG Sealants)     
  • Bodenwöhr (Tapes, Membranes)
  • Traunreut (Hybrids, Adhesive)    
  • Wigan (Coating, Fire Protection)