Passive Fire Protection

Uncontrolled fires are an enormous threat to buildings of all types. Because of this, fire protection plays an important role in building planning. tremco illbruck's product brand Nullifire specialises in passive fire protection.

We are the leading manufacturer of intumescent coatings in Europe. For over 40 years, the Nullifire brand has represented reliable solutions for building protection. With our wide range of products, we offer comprehensive solutions for passive fire protection.

In the event of fire, our building products help to reduce heat flow and prevent the spreading of fire.

What is passive fire protection?

"Passive fire protection" is generally understood to mean preventative fire protection measures. This involves using components of low flammability and covering and coating components with materials of low flammability or intumescent materials in order to increase the level of fire protection.

Why use passive fire protection?

The protection of a building is essential to its preservation. For this reason, it is important to minimise the risk of fire arising and to prevent it spreading if it does, and to guarantee that people can be easily saved and make effective fire-fighting operations possible. In order to guarantee this, fire protection concepts which deal with fire protection in its entirety are required.

Passive fire protection should be considered to be an important part of these. Almost all the materials used in building are flammable: The load-bearing properties of steel are reduced by intense heat, concrete cracks and wood carbonises. Passive fire protection necessitates the prevention of a loss of structural stability. For this reason, building products for passive fire protection support the stability of the material and the building structures.

Passive fire protection with tremco illbruck

Under the brand Nullifire, we develop product solutions and systems for passive fire protection.Our experts offer comprehensive advice on planning and implementation, and provide support relating to the correct installation of fire protection systems. Together, we develop customised solutions for the implementation of the chosen fire protection concept.

The continuous research and development of our products guarantees the highest quality standards. Nullifire products comply with current European standards.


Non-flammable coatings from cement-like and intumescent systems preserve the stability of the building structure. Cement-like coatings benefit from the areas of fluid retention in cement: if these have evaporated under intense heat, the load-bearing capacity of the components is increased. In contrast to this, intumescent systems increase protection levels by means of coatings which expand under intense heat flow and form an insulating layer. The insulation absorbs heat and slowly carbonises while the structure is preserved.

Seals and isolation

Seals and sealants aid isolation in the case of fire. They prevent fire and smoke from penetrating into other fire areas and structures. Large cavities and gaps in the reveal construction can be isolated with fire curtains and the spreading of fire can be prevented. However, cables, pipes and joints can also be sealed with special product solutions in order to guarantee the seamless sealing of materials which traverse or connect together several fire areas.

Perfect collaboration: Nullifire product solutions

There are two key product groups within the tremco illbruck fire protection portfolio:

Fire Stopping and Penetration seals

These are products used to reinstate the integrity of walls, floors and ceilings and prevent the passage of smoke and fire. Key products are Coated Fire Boards, Fire Rated Sealants, Intumescent Sealants, Pipe Closing Devices, Loadbearing Mortars, Intumescent Linier Movement Joints, Fire Rated PU Foam.

Intumescent Steel Fire Protection

These products are used to slow down the collapse of structural steelwork. The SC900 series takes hybrid technology and harnesses it to produce a product that can be applied in just one application, works at lower temperatures, is touch dry within the hour and fully cured within 24 hours. This gives fantastic advantages for the contractor, enabling savings of up to 60% or more on application and drying time.

With Nullifire, tremco illbruck offers competent solutions for your fire protection concept. You can benefit not just from our well-thought-out products, but also our many years of experience. Nullifire offers high quality fire protection coupled with numerous services and professional advice.

You can find out more about our products here: Nullifire Website