Nullifire - Now launch in Germany


Innovative fire protection for steel components and component joints.

Outstanding fire resistance up to 240 minutes!

tremco illbruck presented Nullifire, its brand for passive fire protection, for the very first time at the BAU trade fair.

The compact range meets the complex requirements and increasingly stringent standards in the field of passive fire protection, providing safe and long-lasting protection with proven fire resistance of up to 240 minutes. The central feature of the range is the new SC902, an innovative intumescent steel coating. The hybrid-based product offers exemplary passive fire protection in just one operation, thereby saving 60% labour time whether at the construction site or in production.

For prudent users in solid construction, the Nullifire range also offers fire-resistant joint seals for fire stops, including special seals for the joints between walls and ceilings. This means that joint sealing can incidentally be performed not only in accordance with the regulations but also with ground-breaking fire protection. Planners and users can be confident that people and buildings are provided with all-round protection for many years to come.

Fire-resistant gaps and joints are a key component when implementing comprehensive passive fire protection for entire buildings. With the compact and extremely efficient Nullifire range, tremco illbruck is offering a strong brand that for the last 40 years has been one of the market-leading manufacturers worldwide in the field of passive fire protection. The existing high-performance illbruck construction products for sealing and bonding are therefore being expanded to include a product range that has been specially designed for passive fire protection. An experienced team of technical experts is always one step ahead of the state of the art, and supports users and planners with concrete responses at any time, ensuring progressive building construction.

Steel components made fire-proof in just one operation

While steel components usually require four to five coatings (plus drying times) in order to achieve a fire resistance of 90 to 120 minutes, this can be done in just one operation with SC902.

The coating layer can be up to 5 mm thick. SC902 was developed based on hybrid technology, meaning that it has excellent adhesive properties, is quick-drying and is free from VOC. The coating can be applied more quickly at the construction site as well. It is splash-proof after less than an hour and becomes weather-resistant extremely quickly. Hardening at temperatures from 0°C makes application possible all year round. Together with the 60% reduction in coating time, SC902 also allows for more accurate and tighter scheduling, better turnover and major cost savings during operation. It should be ready for delivery by the end of the second quarter.

Efficient fire-resistant movement joints

The Nullifire range also features four different products for high-quality fire-resistant joints, which shall be ready for delivery from March. They enable joiners to give their customers the added value of fire-resistant joints without a lot of effort. Horizontal and vertical connection joints and gaps between separating walls and ceilings that are fire-resistant or fire-proof therefore remain sealed against fire and smoke for up to 240 minutes (European approval as per ETAG 026).

The range firstly includes the FF197 fire-resistant PU foam, which was specifically developed for ensuring a seal lasting up to 240 minutes on (slightly elongated) linear gaps of up to 30 mm between walls and ceilings or on the ground. It can be sealed or coated over with plaster. The patented 2-in-1 adapter allows for application with a gun or via a tube for manual application.

The second product in the range is the FS700 fire-resistant acrylic paint, which securely seals very large gaps of up to 200 mm. When combined with a mineral fibre board, it provides fire resistance of up to 180 minutes.

As well as joint sealing, the two sealants in the Nullifire range with up to 240 minutes of fire resistance are also suitable for closing up individual cable lead-throughs in small electrical circuit systems (simplification of LAR [German fire-protection guideline for circuit systems]). The FS702 acrylic sealant for static and movement joints was therefore tested not only on solid components but also on metal and wood. It can be coated over, and is characterised by being odourless and free from solvents and halogen.

The FS703 fire-resistant silicone sealant is particularly suitable for overhead application as it remains stable here too. It is free from solvents, halogen and amine. These Nullifire products are easy to work with and are not harmful to health. Their quality and reliability have been checked and certified multiple times, including by certifire and EOTA.

Service and consultancy

The ground-breaking Nullifire product range is supplemented by the tremco illbruck expert service. The team of experts are always on hand to give advice and training and to provide calculations, and has also compiled a comprehensive range of information material. One of the central elements of the website is therefore the product finder. All of the technical information on the correct use of the Nullifire products and the system solutions are also all available in one place from the Download Centre.