Dual degree courses: towards a successful future with a strong partner

Young people are our future. As a successful company, we have a responsibility to actively support the future of the next generation by working in partnership with them and offering our expertise. For several years, tremco illbruck has been a partner company, providing training to students on dual courses.

Dual degree courses at tremco illbruck

A dual degree course offers students an opportunity to attend university and to receive training within a company as part of the same course. The blend of theory and practice gives students a practical introduction to their future workplace at an early stage. Following the motto "practice makes perfect", dual course students are given their own projects and are able to take on responsibilities after a short time - the high proportion of practical work and the experience this gives the students is highly valued by many employers.

Today's students are tomorrow's experts

By training potential management and specialist staff, we gain highly qualified employees, which in turn enriches tremco illbruck as a company. We are pleased to be able to support our dual students' careers from the outset. We work with renowned universities and colleges across Europe, meaning that we are able to offer training in many different aspects of our company: from Business Information Systems to Business Administration, through to Human Resources and Finance, we train talented young people and prepare them for a successful future.

Mentoring programme: pilot programme in the Sales division

Once students have finished their studies, they still continue to learn. For this reason, our Sales division in Germany has been offering a mentoring programme for students and those at the beginning of their career since 2013. Junior employees, such as students, are assigned an experienced employee who will support them as a voluntary mentor. The priorities of this process are the transfer of knowledge and the opportunity to share professional experience. The mentors support the less experienced employees with their professional development and assist them when they have questions. The mentoring programme helps to develop trainees and promotes dialogue between the generations. Interpersonal interaction is also an important part of the programme, too.

Benefits of the mentoring programme

Mentoring programmes are equally valued by companies, mentors and mentees. While the mentors are inspired to reflect both on their own career paths and on existing approaches, the programme provides mentees with a competent point of contact, offering them the opportunity to learn from the experiences of successful employees. Studies attest to the positive effect of mentoring on trainees: it improves their ability to perform and their level of independence. Young employees quickly learn to realistically assess their own performance and gauge its value to the company, too.

By ensuring that they offer tailored professional development, companies gain motivated, competent and independent trained staff.As a result of the feedback, which was positive across the board, tremco illbruck will continue to further develop its mentoring programme in coming years.

Thinking ahead to tomorrow today

At tremco illbruck, we work to this motto in many different ways.We don't just want to train our junior employees, we want to pass on our knowledge, too. That's because the only way to guarantee that that we make top-end, innovative products is to ensure that we have the right know-how and a well-trained team. Today's young people are tomorrow's experts. And we're giving a successful future our very best shot.